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Stella Artois chalice
Stella Artois

5 years of clean water

Purchase a custom chalice and Stella Artois will donate $3.13 to support our work to help provide 5 years of clean water to someone in the developing world.

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Every 25 days rowed Hydrow donates to

Hydrow is the live outdoor reality rower.  It connects you with world-class trainers, fellow athletes, and the outdoors, so you can row in real-time with sessions streaming live from the water. Every 25 days rowed helps provide life-changing access to safe water through 

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Conscious Step

4 years of access to safe water

Conscious Step is on a mission to create a sustainable and equitable world for all beings through Fairtrade, organic cotton socks. For each pair of water-themed socks sold, Conscious Step donates to empower one person in need with 4 years of access to safe water.

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One case. One dollar.

LifeProof cases are built to explore the best earth has to offer. And LifeProof is committed to keeping our planet healthy. When you get a case, you get to give a $1 (on us) to one of our water-focused nonprofit partners, like Together, we're working to make our water resources healthy and clean.

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Lula's Garden Holiday 2021.jpg
Lula's Garden

6 months of access to safe water

Lula’s Garden is an eco-friendly succulent gifting company. Creating gifts that make you (and the planet) feel good! Eco-friendly succulent gardens arrive pre-planted in a gift box that is uniquely designed to serve as a planter for the succulents to thrive in. Each garden helps provide six months of access to safe water for one person in need.

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Sea Change x
Mer-Sea & Co.

2 years of access to safe water

Every purchase from Mer-Sea & Co.’s Sea Change collection helps provide 2 years of access to safe water to one person in need. From candles to soap to room spray, every time you smell the crisp aquatic notes of the Sea Change fragrance, you can think of someone that now has access to safe water.

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1 year of access to safe water

Turn wine into water with Gargoyle. When you join Gargoyle, you join the thousands of members that are on a mission to Drink Better. Every bottle you receive from Gargoyle helps give one person a year of safe water.

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NEUMA Beauty

20% of proceeds from the neuMoisture collection

NEUMA was born from the belief that every human should experience product performance without sacrificing your hair, health, or the planet. NEUMA formulates clean and sustainable professional haircare products using plant-based ingredient technology. From March 22–April 22, 2022, 20% of proceeds from the neuMoisture collection will be donated to help change lives with safe water.

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Tab for a Cause
Tab for a Cause

Every tab opened raises donations

Tab for a Cause is a browser extension that raises money for charity as you surf the web - for every new tab you open, Tab for a Cause donates to

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Memo Bottle

2 months of access to safe water

The flat water bottle designed to fit in your bag, and every memobottle sold helps provide two months of access to safe water for one person.

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Drink Water
We Drink Water

10% of profits

An initiative, a brand, a movement - encouraging people to drink more water and helping bring access to those without. For every Drink Water gear purchase, 10% of profits are donated to 

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Kaffe Box

3 months of access to safe water

KaffeBox is a monthly specialty coffee subscription featuring the top roasters in Scandinavia.  Every bag of beans you receive through KaffeBox helps provide 3 months of access to safe water.

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1 year of access to safe water

Hand-crafted jewelry inspired by the land and sea, every piece of BoldB's Aqua Collection helps provide 1 year of access to safe water to one person in need. 

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Shop to Support Kinderlyte.jpg

1% of sales

Doctor-formulated, natural hydration has arrived! Kinderlyte works fast like an IV without the use of artificial colors, sweeteners, flavors or preservatives to deliver rapid hydration to people of any age. Whether for sports, hangover, travel, stomach virus, infant diarrhea or toddler vomiting, Kinderlyte is the natural choice for families. Every purchase of a Kinderlyte product supports by giving 1% of sales.

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0.5% of all qualifying purchases donated

Support with purchases you make at Select as your charity and 0.5% of all qualifying purchases will be donated to help give access to safe water.

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Soake Pools

Donates $100 for every pool sold

Soake Pools are small pools with big benefits! Pre-cast concrete luxury plunge pools are making people happy by changing and enhancing outdoor living opportunities. And every pool purchased supports to help provide people in need with access to safe water.

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10% of revenue

When playing a game with Karmafy, 10% of the revenue generated from ads and in-app purchases by Karmafy players go to charity. Make sure to choose to support to Play & Do Good.

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Essential Elements product image
Essential elements

1 year of access to safe water

Essential elements’ mission is to enhance your daily life with the essentials in nutritional supplementation and hydration, but we won’t stop there. Every purchase on will provide one individual with safe water for a year.

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AwesOm Life

100% of ebook sales donated

AwesOm Life is dedicated to sharing a positive message with the world through their inspirational books, posters and prints. Craig Kolavo, founder of AwesOm Life and author of ‘Awaken the Sleeping Giant’ is donating 100% of ebook sales to

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H2O Happiness horizontal.jpg
H2O Happiness 2 Others Thermal

20 years of access to safe water

With the purchase of this H2O thermal bottle, not only will you get a great taste for the liquid of your choice, but every sale helps provide one person with access to safe water for 20 years. So every time you take a sip from this bottle, have a toast for helping bring Happiness 2 Others.

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Rails Logo - 800x450.jpg

1 year of access to safe water

Rails is an Los Angeles-based global lifestyle brand for men and women. Through fabric innovation and incredible handfeel, Rails has built lasting emotional connections with its customers by providing a collection of effortless essentials that blend its California roots with a refined global sensibility. Each Denim item sold helps provide a year of safe water access for one person.

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Be Bottle
Be Bottle

1 year of access to safe water

Be Bottle is a better alternative to single-use plastic bottles – a stainless steel, double-wall insulated bottle with a game-changing design that includes a built-in infuser and easy-to-clean removable bottom. Every Be Bottle purchased helps provide 1 year of access to safe water.

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50 lives changed each month with safe water

What if the way that you wash your hair could help save lives around the world? It can! Unwash® is the unconventional way to a good hair day. Unwash challenges conventional wisdom and the harsh cycle of traditional shampoo, condition, repeat. With Unwash's on-going donation, 50 lives will be changed every month with safe water.

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$0.01 donated for every read

wikiHow is the world's leading how-to site on the Internet. Friendly, accessible how-to guides teach every person how to do anything. Translated into 17 different languages and read in nearly every country in the world, this article helps support

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1 year of access to safe water

When you buy a water bottle from Mukama's online store, your purchase will help provide access to safe water to one person for one year.

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EcoPro Products

1% of sales donated

EcoPro Pillow Covers are pillowcase replacements designed to be sprayed or wiped clean. Created by health professionals for health professionals, each Pillow Cover donates 1% to help provide safe water.

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Aloe Attiva shop image new.jpg
Aloe Attiva

10 years of access to safe water

Did you know most skincare products contain 80-95% water? Aloe Attiva is different. Instead of water, every formula they make uses their proprietary Aloe Attiva Elixir which provides extraordinary benefits for your skin. Welcome to a waterless alternative. Every online purchase of the Power Couple Bundle helps provide 10 years of access to safe water to someone in need.

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Marc Skid
Marc Skid

$4 donated for every pair

Made with the finest cotton in the world, Organic Pima, and one up-cycled water bottle in each waistband, Marc Skid will donate $4 for each pair purchased.

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20% of profits donated

Lakeborn is a lifestyle apparel brand that strives to raise awareness & combat the global water crisis. All high-quality, ethically-sourced garments are produced in Canada and help change lives with safe water.

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CHANGE Collection by Jasani Corporate Gifts.JPG
CHANGE Collection by Jasani

3% of sales

The CHANGE Collection by Jasani is all about sustainable corporate gifting that also gives back by donating 3% of every purchase to CHANGE Collection is helping companies gift uniquely designed sustainable products, and helping support families in need of safe water access.

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$1 donated for every Citrus Shampoo purchase

Clean water is something we take for granted, in our showers, kitchens, and bathrooms. Millions of people around the world are without clean water and sanitation, with women and children disproportionately affected. Pharmacopia will donate $1 from the sale of every Citrus Shampoo to to help families around the world get access to safe water.

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vodapod bottle.jpg

1 year of access to safe water

VODAPOD is an outdoor loving and health-focused bottle brand born in Denver, Colorado. With their line of products, they strive to achieve a unique blend of fashion, function, and quality while giving back to the communities who need it the most. Each bottle sold gives one year of access to safe water.

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$1 from every lotion sale is donated

TO112 is an honest, conscious lifestyle brand created to inspire harmony in hair, body, and space. Proudly cruelty-free with no parabens, DEA, SLS, or fillers, every lotion purchased from TO112 helps to bring safe water and sanitation to someone in need.

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8 years of access to safe water

Whether at school, at home, the office, the gym, camping, traveling or coping with an emergency situation, your Alter Ego Frio bottle ensures a safe and abundant personal water supply at all times. The only water bottle in the world that can follow you from a friends night out to the harshest part of your next trek in Namibia. Each bottle sold empowers someone in need with 8 years of safe water and sanitation.

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$1 per subscription per month donated

SerenityStream is a new video streaming service and powerful tool for healing, with meditative nature films to calm the mind, featuring stunning aerial drone footage of the most beautiful landscapes on earth with original music, available on all Web, Mobile and TV platforms. A portion of every monthly and annual subscription to SerenityStream helps to empower families around the world with access to safe water.

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Katie's Cottage Barn Shop to Support
Katie's Cottage Barn

Every 'Water is Life' bracelet donates 25% of profits

Katie's ‘Give Back Collection’ of colorful, gemstone beaded bracelets are specially designed with impactful causes in mind. 25% of profits for every aqua agate ‘Water is Life’ bracelet will be donated to

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100% of donations pledged to

Shop with CouponBirds to save, earn cash and support Choose when you shop and 100% of donations raised from the CouponBirds community will go to help change lives with safe water.

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Golden Made Kafe.jpg
Golden Made Kafé

5% of proceeds donated

Golden Made Kafé is a coffee supplier headquartered in Houston, TX providing exclusive blends inspired by American, French, and African recipes to kickstart and give you a productive day. Golden Made Kafé donates 5% of proceeds to help change lives with safe water.

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Artisan Parfums Product Photo B.jpg
Artisan Parfums

$1 donated for every order; $5 for orders over $100

Artisan Parfums by Ixchel Leigh offers sustainable, 100% from Nature, perfumes and aromatherapy. Synthetics free! Composed solely from essential oils and raw materials. Authentic, Intoxicating, Healing Scents. #ParfumswithPurpose donates $1 for every order, and $5 for every order over $100 to help change lives with safe water.

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A portion of profit donated

giveWater is a search engine like Google, with the exception that they use their ad revenues to help bring safe water and sanitation to those in need. Download their Chrome Extension at the Google Chrome Web Store to start giving water with every web search.

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Innovative Fountains

A portion of sales donated

AquaFlame fountain helps you create tranquility anywhere with their cord-free LED color-changing fountains. The falling water creates a naturally soothing sound to help you relax while diffusing your favorite essential oils throughout your space. A portion of sales are donated to help ensure that everyone has access to safe water.

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Ancient Sled.png
Ancient Sled Coffee Company

10-20% of each sale donated

Ancient Sled Coffee Company brings you tasty coffee from a network of artisan roasters, and donates a portion of proceeds to Every package of coffee purchased helps to provide one person with access to safe water for more than two years.

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Obis Mud Bath Graphic - Shop to Support Listing -
Obi's Mud Bath - Picture Book

A portion of proceeds donated

Zimbabwe is having a dry spell, and young rhino Obi sets off in search of a cool, ooey, gooey, mud bath. Obi discovers the power of perseverance, friendship, and believing. A portion of the proceeds from Obi's Mud Bath will be donated to help empower families around the world with access to safe water.

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Christopher Galovan Music

50% of all streaming revenues donated

Lean back, relax and listen to peaceful instrumental music while helping to save lives with safe water. All artists donate 50% of the streaming revenues from the songs on this playlist.

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Bav Tailor.jpg

10% of each purchase donated

BAV TAiLOR aims to educate and inspire individuals to live responsibly, while discovering the narratives of each of their conscious luxury products. The Shanti Wellness athflow essentials are ethically produced and created in sustainably sourced fabrics, with each purchase donating 10% to

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My Software Tutor.png
My Software Tutor

You save 15%, MST donates 30%

My Software Tutor, through MST Cares, strongly believes all people are entitled to safe water and sanitation throughout the world. Register for any real-time Excel or PowerPoint course with a live instructor. You save 15% using promo code WATER15 and My Software Tutor donates 30% of the proceeds to

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