There's a smart way to end the water crisis

For millions around the world, access to funds stands between them and safe water and sanitation in their homes.

That’s where comes in. offers smart solutions that break down the financial barriers between people living in poverty and access to safe water and sanitation.

Our solutions are working! Today more than 43 million people around the world can turn on a tap or safely use a toilet because small, affordable loans empowered them to get access to safe water and sanitation at home.

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Our founders: Matt Damon and Gary White

Eleven years ago, Matt and Gary worked independently to help break down barriers between people in need and access to safe water. A common goal to pioneer smart solutions to the water crisis brought them together, and their combined water and sanitation expertise and star-power have allowed to emerge as a leader in the water and sanitation sector.

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Highest rankings from charity watch dogs is among the 2% of charities that have received 4-star ratings from Charity Navigator for 11 consecutive years, demonstrating our commitment to transparency and financial accountability.

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Partnering to solve the water crisis

We are fortunate to work with partners – foundations, financial institutions, and brands – who share our passion and vision. Together, we are changing lives with safe water in 11 countries around the world.

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